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Pattern Poll

Abusing my Mod privileges a bit, you have my permission to roll your eyes

Some of you may be aware that I have been attempting too start a pattern line. Part of my focus will be on children's historical patterns. So in part of my Market Research I have put up a poll on my blog for which pattern I should be focusing on producing first.

child pattern poll
On the left is a girls Regency dress based off of images from several surviving dresses You can see the links for these on an older blog post of mine.
On the right is a "medieval" pattern suitable for both boys and girls.

These are just 2 of the patterns I am considering, so please go see my blog post and then vote, comments on WHY you made your choice are very welcome.

I will be responding to comments made here, on my blog and on my Facebook page

Comments locked 6-2-2013 due to excessive spam

Resource with a few CDV's and tintypes


The picture that most enchanted me was this one, illustrating the backs of a couple of children's gowns.

I'm off hunting again, this time for women's cloths!

Pintrest account

I went ahead and created a pintrest account "for" this group.

I haven;t dreated a lot of boards becaouse I am wondering how to divy them up.

I was thinking of by date, then age, then gender.

Example board names
14th & 15th Century infants and toddlers
1790-1830 Girls
1830-1850 Boys

Any thoughts?


Childrens clothing for Titanic recreations

Raise your hand if you are looking to make something 19teens for your child!

I can help pull up patterns if I know the ages and genders I need to look for.

Here is a pintrest board I started today for childrens clothing 1910-1915

Also I have added a pintrest tag in case you want to add boards of interest or are looking for them.
Tags are good!

Nursing Corset on e-bay

Probably late Victorian.
(Likely earlier than titanic, for those who are interested)

Take a look at the boning, in the second to last picture you will see that the boning on either side of the bust opening is in two pieces, they split at the under-bust. this gives the support and flexibility needed in a nursing corset.

Nursing books and Pintrest

First off is there are some patterns for Newborns clothing in A Nurse's handbook of obstetrics for use in training-schools By Joseph Brown Cooke  1913 (6th edition, first published in 1903) starting on page 271 Note this is a MEDICAL book and there are plenty of anatomical illustrations (both drawings and pictures) so it may not be considered work or child safe. (I'll let you decide)

Second I have started some pintrest boards for maternity and nursing clothing and corsets.

You will see that I have been focusing on the 19 teens!


First part is Cross posted from garb_the_child

Have you seen the color photos of the gown of Gräfin Katharina zur Lippe as patterned by Janet Arnold in POF (3) 1560-1620?

They are on the website (hope this link works!)

If the link fails to work go to www.lippisches-landesmuseum.de/
click on museum-digital
again click on
put in "Katharina" in the search box on the left and click suchenYou will get the dress, stockings and shoes!

While on this subject, I would like to remind you of the Met's late 16th century child's gown in the Spanish style 25.118a–c Whcih you can find patterned in Mila Davenport's book "Costume"

Now this later items are not cross posted!

If instead you search for "Kinderbekleidung"
You will come up with more clothing, like this romper dated to 1850 to late 19th cent. (Which I think is regency due to the high waistline) and a Pink dress.